Update - planning application for land opposite Amblers Way


Although the status of the application is now marked as 'decided' no final decison has been made. Buckinghamshire Council had until 6th January 2023 to 'determine' this application. As that did not happen, the applicant appealed against this 'non-determination' the following day. The application will now be examined by a Planning Inspector. No date has been set for the appeal.

The Parish Council objected to this application, as did many residents. To see the planning application click here

The application is for 'permission in principle' for the building of between five to nine houses on land opposite Amblers Way and adjacent to West Bourn, Main Street. In such an application what is decided, assuming permission is granted, is the location of the development site and the amount of development permitted. Everything else, the size of the houses, location on the site etc is decided later.

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