Elections to the Parish Council are held every four years, usually in May.

The May 2020 elections were postponed for one year due to Covid-19


Who Can Become a Parish Councillor?

To become a parish councillor, a person is qualified if:
• He or she is a British subject, or qualifying Commonwealth citizen, or EU citizen and on the day on which he or she is nominated as a candidate, is over 18 on the day of election and is an elector; or
• During the whole of the twelve months preceding his or her nomination day, or the day of election, resided or had his principal place of work in the parish, or within three miles of it.

A person will be disqualified from holding office as a parish councillor if he or she:

• holds a paid office or other place of profit in the gift of the Council or
• is the subject of a bankruptcy restrictions order or interim order or
• has been convicted of a criminal offence and sentenced to not less than three months imprisonment (including any suspended sentence) within the past five years or
• has been found guilty of illegal or corrupt practices.

Please contact our parish clerk if you are interested in becoming a parish councillor.