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This formal and legally-binding agreement (copy attached) has been finalised between the Owners of the land, Bloor Homes, Bucks County Council and AVDC.  This essentially gives the developer the ‘green light’ to start building on the site, but there is no indication that this will happen soon.  You will note the agreement has got the address of the development wrong!
The developer will now be able to build up to 40 dwellings on the site, subject to a number of planning conditions, some of which are included in the s106 agreement.
We have no avenue to appeal or contest anything in the s106 agreement.
Affordable Homes
30% of the total number of dwellings will be ‘affordable’[1] in nature.  Further conditions are set to ensure these are of appropriate size and nature (including some flats), and are distributed throughout the whole development.
The actual numbers will depend upon the numbers and size (in terms of number of bedrooms) of the dwellings for general sale.  This total number has yet to be confirmed by the developer, but this could not exceed 40, under the terms of the AOP.
The developer will have to pay £319 000 to Bucks CC to go towards an improved Sports/Assembly Hall for Buckingham Upper School.  Nothing has been allocated to Padbury CE School.
Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUDS)
There has been a lot of concern raised locally regarding the high potential for flooding of this site.  The developer has to submit an appropriate SUDS Plan for approval by Bucks CC and then to AVDC.  Either/both councils could impose further conditions, but it is considered most unlikely that this will either stop or delay development of the site.
The developer is obliged to contribute £14 000 towards providing Real Time Passenger Information (RTPI) systems (as they are along London Road) at the two nearest bus-stops to the site of the development.  This needs to be paid before development starts.
Bloor will need to contribute £64 560 towards the provision of a Pelican or Toucan controlled crossing over the A413.  The exact site has yet to be determined, but the agreement states that it must be somewhere between the village speed limit sign near the development site and the Thornborough Road junction.   This needs to be paid before development starts.
Sports and Leisure
Under AVDC policy, this is the only area where Padbury PC has had the opportunity to bid (via AVDC) for s106 funding.  The agreement confirms that funding will be forthcoming for the sports pavilion, playing fields and play area at Springfields.  Our attempt to include improvements to the play area in Main Street appears to have been refused, probably on the grounds of its lack of proximity to the development.  The exact sum has yet to be determined, and will depend on the number and types of dwellings to be built.  Once available via AVDC, the whole sum needs to be used within 10 years, or it will need to be paid back to the developer.  Once the sum available becomes clearer, Padbury PC will present options to usefully use this money for public consultation.  It has to be stressed, however, that the funding can only be used for the broad purposes defined in the agreement document.
Notice for Commencement of Development
Under the agreement, there is a requirement for the developer to give a minimum of 10 days’ notice to Bucks CC and AVDC.  There is no legal requirement for either the PC or village to be given any similar notice.
Further Work
Padbury PC will need to discuss all this further with AVDC (Planning and Sports and Leisure) to clarify and confirm some of the issues arising from the s106 agreement.  We will also need to liaise with Bloor Homes to try to clarify their intentions, in terms of timing and scale of the development, and to try to reduce the impact on the community during the building phase (although realistically this is likely to be very significant for a long period).

Ken Roberts


Padbury Parish Council                                                                                   17th August 2017


[1] ‘Affordable housing’ is social rented, affordable rented and intermediate housing, provided to eligible households whose needs are not met by the market. Eligibility is determined with regard to local incomes and local house prices. ‘Social rented’ housing is owned by local authorities and private registered providers (typically Housing Associations).

An outline planning application had been made by Bloor Homes to AVDC 15/03744/AOP – Land Adjacent to Winslow Rd. The deadline for commenting on this has been extended to 16th December 2015. Residents may do so by clicking here and completing the search field to locate the application.

An informal meeting was held between two representatives of Bloor Homes and three members of the Parish Council on 3rd June 2015 to gather more information about the proposal and to recommend that Bloor further consults with residents prior to their full application for planning. A summary of the conversations is below.

20150603 Bloor Update Meeting

The information below was provided by Bloor Homes at the Public Exhibition on the proposed development held in December at the Village Hall.  Its publication on this website does not indicate an endorsement or otherwise by Padbury Parish Council.  It should be read in conjunction with the short article provided by Bloor Homes for publication in the January 2015 edition of the Padbury Pump, which is also included.

Bloor Homes Article Pump Jan 15

Bloor Padbury Consultation Dec 2014

Bloor – Padbury public consultation leaflet

Bloor Padbury public consultation flyer