Anglian Water


Following the ongoing issues with Anglian Water, the Parish Council held a meeting with them on the 18th July. Councillors, some residents and three representatives from Anglian Water attended. Anglian Water agreed to undertake some works and have been providing the Parish Council with updates.

Anglian Waters latest update (7/9/23) is as follows:

  • We have investigated flooding on Amblers Way and fitted non return valves to protect properties.
  • We visited a customer from Arnolds Close who informed us that she had had numerous blockages affecting her house, we have also investigated this and put CCTV cameras into the sewers and thoroughly cleaned the sewer serving her property.
  • We have completed a sewer clean on the main sewer into the Water Recycling Center/Sewage Treatment works and CCTv’d this as well. We found that the sewer is in good condition with no issues noted.
  • Lastly, we still have to complete the sewage cleaning on Lower Way noted by the residents at the meeting, but we do have this planned in to complete soon.

In addition, please see the attached information briefing on FOG, unflushables and sewer blockages (see additional documents below).

A further meeting with Anglian Water will be arranged.

Additional Documents

Unflushables and FOG Briefing.pdf