The latest financial position of the Parish Council is included within the minutes and agenda.

The accounts of the Parish Council are examined annually by an independent internal auditor.

Since the 2017/18 financial year, if either the income or expenditure of the council exceeds £25,000 the Annual Governance & Accountability Return must undergo a limited assurance review by an external auditor who is appointed by the Smaller Authorities Appointments Limited. Currently the external auditor is PFK Littlejohn LLP. If both the income and expenditure are less than £25,000, the Parish may declare itself exempt from review.

On this page are our annual accounts, annual governance and accountability return and internal and external audit reports. Also our fixed asset register and budgets. Please note: Some documents have signatures redacted, signed copies are available to view on request. 

The Parish Council owns the following land and buildings:

Sportsfield at Springfields – 5.577 acres purchased for £4,425 in 1976

Padbury Pavilion at Springfields – Valued for insurance purposes at £686,960

Officials changing room at Springfields - Valued for insurance purposes at £40,140

Groundsman’s Garage at Springfields – Valued for insurance purposes at £75,000


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