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Padbury’s Parish Council has the role of representing the interests of this community, and of improving its quality of life and the local environment. To this end the Council does its best to influence other decision-makers, for example Buckinghamshire Council and their agencies, the police and the public utilities – on such matters as speeding through the village, the state of the roads and pavements, street-lighting. The Council also delivers services to meet local needs, for example, looking after the playing field at Springfields, the play area on Main Street, the Millennium woodland, the war memorial, the bus shelters.

What is a parish council?

Parish and town councils in England and community and town councils in Wales are the first tier of local government. They deliver a vast range of services at a community level. There are around 10,000 community, parish and town councils in England and Wales, made up of nearly 100,000 councillors. These first-tier councils can respond to the needs of the community – delivering the services or representation it most needs.

Parish councils are statutory bodies. Members are elected for a term of four years and councils are funded principally by an annual precept. Expenditure (and any miscellaneous income) for the next financial year are calculated in the form of estimates. The net amount (the precept) forms part of the council tax and is collected by Buckinghamshire Council (a principal authority) and paid to us in two six-monthly installments. Parish councils can apply for other funding such as grant and funding awards, but they do not receive funds direct from central government, as principal authorities do.

The Parish Council should not be confused with the Parochial Church Council which governs the activities of the ecclesiastical parish.

The Parish Council has a role in consultation with Buckinghamshire Council in certain areas, and the opportunity to influence it for the benefit of the parish.

Parish councils have a variety of powers and duties, all of which impact directly on the community. They can only act within the law, which imposes a range of duties (which are mandatory) and powers (which allows the council to act if it so decides). These are summarised in the link, powers and duties which does not contain a procedural matters which are reflected in our standing orders. However, it should be noted that, for Padbury:

  • The allotments are the responsibility of the Parochial Church Council, as is
  • The provision of a burial ground (at least while the churchyard still has capacity to accept new burials).

In addition, Buckinghamshire Council can delegate some of their powers and duties to Padbury Parish Council. For example, we are responsible for much of the grass-cutting in the village. Although we only have primary responsibility for a relatively few functions, there is a link to Buckinghamshire Council on this website who provide all the other services.