The Big Jubilee Lunch will take place on Sunday 5th June from 12 noon until 6.00pm at Springfields. This is a free event open to all residents. Attendees are welcome to bring their own gazebos and picnics. Further details can be found in the Pump.

If you would like to volunteer to help on the day of the Big Jubilee Lunch (Sunday, 5th June 2022) or to litter pick after the event, please contact the Parish Clerk.

Thank you.


If you would like to become a voice for your community and make real change, please consider becoming a parish councillor. For more information take a look at the information on this website or contact the Parish Clerk.


With the help of funding via Buckinghamshire Council Community Boards, the two new items of equipment have now been installed. We are also pleased to advise that the refurbishment of the lovely old rocking horse has now been carried out.


Please see the attached guide provided by Buckinghamshire Council - Traffic Calming Guide - July 2020


We are pleased to advise that plans are in progress to redevelop the pavilion. An architect was appointed in December and we are currently awaiting revised plans. 


Did you know that it is an offence for a hedge, tree or shrub to overhang a highway, public road or footpath under Section 154 of the Highways Act 1980?

Please be aware that overgrown vegetation can cause an obstruction and possible accidents to pedestrians who are using the footpath or to drivers who would not have a clear line of sight.

We appreciate residents’ co-operation in maintaining their trees and hedges in our village. Thank you.


Please continue to report all damage to the highway, pavements, overgrown hedges or trees and fly tipping online at www.fixmystreet.com

VILLAGE STEWARDS - Would you like to be a volunteer?

Do you have a little time to spare to help maintain our lovely village? Padbury Parish Council is looking for volunteers to become village stewards who would be happy to assist with some maintenance jobs around the village. The cost of materials will be reimbursed by the Parish Council. This would help to reduce Parish Council expenditure (which is part of your council tax). If interested please contact the clerk via email: padburyparishcouncil@gmail.com or telephone: 07961 827302. Thank you

THANK YOU to all those who have volunteered to use a little of their spare time to help maintain our lovely village.


Padbury Parish Council continue to raise any concerns with EWR, HS2 and Buckinghamshire Council. Updates/information are shared during the monthly Parish Council meetings as Cllr John Chilver from Buckinghamshire Council attends our meetings and meetings with both EWR and HS2.

Contact Information:

EWR: Tel: 24/7 helpline 03457 114141 or email - publicinformation@ewralliance.co.uk

HS2: Tel: 24/7 helpdesk 08081 434434 (Freephone) or email - hs2enquiries@hs2.org.uk

EWR website address is eastwestrail.co.uk. In addition, they publish newsletters which can be viewed at eastwestrail.co.uk/library/newsletters. It is possible to receive your own copy by signing up at the same page.

Please follow the link below which will take you to Buckinghamshire Councils website and shows all the road works / diversions. You can also report any issues via this website:


Padbury Parish Council

5th May 2022